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December 2015

  • what we want to say to mums of one singleton

    Mums Of One – This Is For You

    NO ONE is saying having a baby is easy. But it is easier having one baby than it is having twins. The maths just dictates it. I didn’t want to write a post being…

    December 31, 2015
  • 11 Feelings All New Twin Mums Will Experience

    My whole life I dreamt of becoming a mother and having children without really imagining what it would really be like. My fantasy was very vague, scented with the aroma of home baking and…

    December 24, 2015
  • what mums want for christmas

    37 Things Mums Actually Want For Christmas

    Our wants and needs are few. Let’s hope Santa is listening. We’ve been VERY, very, good. Here’s the gift ideas mums are really hoping for this year. Our pre pregnancy bodies. But can we…

    December 12, 2015
  • post partum body after pregnancy after baby twins

    The Post Partum Body – What No One Tells You

    Stretch marks? Tummy wrinkles? Misshapen belly buttons? Flat boobs? Dropping nipples? The post partum body has all kinds of negative connotations and imagery surrounding it. We’re supposed to accept it and learn to love it…

    December 1, 2015