A Letter To My Mum On Mother’s Day

March 1, 2016
mother's day letter

Dear Mumma,

This is my first Mother’s Day as a mum and because of that, I want to say thank you more than any other Mother’s Day because now I can see things a little more clearly.

I not only want to thank you for being there, for making me laugh, for teaching me about the world and for always supporting me a hundred percent, I want to thank you for the strength and stamina its taken you to mother me and my brother and my sister all these years.

I think I kind of get it now, or at least I’m starting to understand how things were for you. How life was for you when we were growing up. Because since becoming a mum more than ever before I feel I’m walking in your shoes and seeing the world through your eyes. I’m experiencing the conflict, the joy, the amazement and the desperation of motherhood that you’ve shouldered all these years.

I want to say thank you for the resilience, the focus and the sacrifices you’ve made along the way and the selfless way you’ve put us all first ever since we arrived in your world. I’m always astounded at the endless energy you have to give more of yourself to us. The way you make us all feel important, special and precious. The fears you’ve had to conquer, the battles you’ve had to fight, the grip you’ve had to loosen on us so we could take the world for our own.

Now I’m a mum and I feel like I’m taking my cues from you, putting my children above everything else. I’m learning how to let go of the past, enjoy the present and embrace their future and everything good I want to give them, comes from the incredible example you showed me. How can I ever thank you enough for enabling me to mother my children? If I can be a fraction as dedicated and loving as you they will have a gift for life, so this Mother’s Day I want to thank you for every other Mother’s Day that follows, for me and for you and for my children.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be as good a mother as you, but I’m striving to give my children the things you’ve given me; self belief, curiosity, kindness and of course, love.

It’s that four letter word again, that we use so carelessly. But really, there is no greater love, no emotion big enough to explain a mother’s love and care. It is the first thing any of us know in the world. It is the sense of worth everyone carries around with them, it’s the words we speak, the things we remember, the places we go, the people we become. Everything is linked to the incredible power of maternal love, and I feel so blessed that you gave that to me.

I’m so lucky to have a mum like you. And now, as I watch my own children grow up so quickly in front of my own eyes, I just want to slow time down and savour those precious moments that slip into memory all too soon.

I’m sure it has been the same for you, wanting to hold onto time, to not let us go. But I want you to know that every hug you’ve ever given me, every tear you’ve ever wiped away, every time you’ve consoled me, every spoonful of food you’ve prepared for me, every bath, every birthday present, every phone call, every I Love You, every grown up decision you’ve helped me make, to every newborn snuggle we shared… these moments may be over but the touch has lingered on.

Because of you I feel loved, I know love and have the power to give love and I can’t ask for more.

So thank you, for all of it.

For everything.

From one mum to another, Happy Mother’s Day.

I love you.


Mothers day letter

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