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Thanks so much for stopping by on my blog! I’m a first time mum to boy/girl twins and trying to get the hang of this mummy-ing thing. Louis and Lenea are my pride and joy and I’m totally in love with them and my new life as a mumma.

I wasn’t exactly expecting to fall pregnant with the twins when I did…I’d been engaged for all of two weeks to my French fella (now husband) before finding out I had a bun in the oven which changed all my fantasy wedding plans in a heartbeat.

Then before too long I had an early scan at 8 weeks where I found out I was going to be a mum to twins!

TWINS. I couldn’t quite process it at first. My thought process went through a LOT of highs and lows.

The shock was immense. None of this was going to plan… I was supposed to have one baby in two years time after getting married and honeymooning and enjoying being newly weds and there were still tons of things I wanted to do before having bubbas; travel the world, write more, get published, learn to cook, learn to dance… but there you go, sometimes life has other ideas.

I’m so lucky to have my babies and while my wedding fantasies suffered (seriously, maternity dresses just aren’t the same!) and I don’t have time to do the things I want right now, what I’ve gained is beyond compare. Two lovely little ones that bring me joy everyday.

Being a twin mum isn’t easy though and there are unique challenges and stresses everyday.  I’ve started this blog as a space to talk about multiple mummy things but also to give hope and reassurance to other multiple mums out there might be feeling overwhelmed by it all. The prospect of becoming a mum to two babies at once is an intimidating one, you’re thrown straight into the deep end, but life with twins is a complete privilege.

I’ll be writing about parenting, twin related parenting issues, the highs and lows and sharing any tips or advice for things that have worked for us as a family. With all that I write there will be an effort to focus on the positive as I think positivity breeds positivity, which is a bit of a life philosophy if you like.

I’ll also be writing about things like fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I’m on maternity leave right now but I work as a journalist and am the Editor of sofeminine.co.uk which is one of the UK’s leading lifestyle sites.

I’m also part of the Channel Mum team on YouTube which is where you can find all my videos – right here. Subscribe to the channel to check out my playlist and lots of other vids dedicated to showing the honest face of parenting. For YouTube advertising enquiries please contact partnerships@channelmum.com.

I’m a writer and have written my first novel and plenty of short stories and flash fiction which you can check out on my fiction portfolio on www.ursuladewey.com. I’m a Vogue Talent Contest Finalist and have won a few other awards and prizes for my fiction – more info about that on my other site!

Other things to know about me? I’m a self confessed beauty addict and used to work in the natural skincare industry at  Liz Earle. I live on Cadbury’s and Twinings Earl Grey and love fresh flowers and watching RuPaul’s drag race. My dislikes? Cinnamon – ew – and cold cups of tea.

God I’ve blabbed on a lot now haven’t I!

There are so many fabulous lifestyle and parenting blogs out there so I’m really grateful for your visit. Thanks so, so much for stopping by here. I hope you like what you find!

Lots of love,

ursularose twins blog


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