The Essential New Mum To Do List

November 5, 2015

Expecting a baby? Just had one? Then take two minutes to read through your new mum to do list.

  1. Lie down.

No rushing around for you Missy! Even if you feel up to it, this is one of the only times you’re allowed to get others to wait on you. Thirsty? Ring a bell. Hungry? Call your mum/other half. Fancy a bath? Get someone else to run it for you and luxuriate in the fact others want/should be helping you out! Trust me the help goes away as soon as you show you can do it for yourself!

2. Take a few videos of your newborn

Capture those precious moments with lots of videos in the early days. Get your other half to take them if you’re not feeling up to it. Even if your newborn isn’t that much of an entertainer (to be fair freshly baked babies just like to sleep), you will marvel at their smallness in just a few weeks time.

3. Get pro pics!

One of the best things I did in the early days was to ask a brilliant newborn photographer friend (the insanely talented and tasteful Elle Fallon)  to take photos of our brand new family. The pictures capture their tiny perfectness so brilliantly and are such a treasured possession now. If you can get a date booked when you’re still pregnant that’s a good idea – one less thing to worry about when you’re a new mum.

4. Write a letter to your baby

I got given a lovely book called ‘Letters To My Baby’ to write letters in during their first few years of life. It’s such a great idea as it forces you to reflect on these completely life changing moments, knowing that this tiny bundle will one day be big enough to read and hear about their early life as seen through your eyes.

5. Treasure the moment

At the very least, even if you’re sore and tired and achy, try and treasure the moment. Even if that sounds insane. The smell of your baby’s head. The size of their hands. The way they look at you when they open their eyes. The early weeks are full of so much activity getting used to being a mum it’s easy to forget to just take stock.

6. Cry when you want to

If you’re feeling emotional at every single song on the radio, go with it. If you want to cry because your baby is just so small and vulnerable, do it. If you feel like howling because your baby is hungry and your milk still hasn’t come in, just howl. It is so emotional becoming a new mum, your hormones are everywhere and at some point you’ve just got to let it all out.

7. Order yourself loads of your favourite food

You have a free pass with the calories right now!

8. Have faith in your body 

It may feel wobbly, tender and chapped, but it will heal and knows exactly what it’s doing.

9. Snuggle that baby just a bit longer

I demand you to get off your phone/laptop now and go and snuggle your newborn bub. Nothing is more important. Those days soon pass.

10. Don’t be so generous with the “Do you want a cuddle?” question.

And following on from that, don’t give your baby to everyone else so readily. I did because I had two, but really I should have just done more double snuggling with my baby twins. Now they want entertaining, a mummy snuggle isn’t as exciting as a plastic toy with mirrors on it. Enjoy it while it lasts.



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