Baby Twins Shopping List: What You’ll Need For Your Newborns

November 1, 2015
newborn twins shopping list preparation what to buy

One of the most worrying things about expecting twins is the cost. It instantly doubles. There are so many extras that you’ll need when you have two babies!

It’s hard enough knowing what to buy when you’re expecting one baby, but with twins, it helps to be extra organised.

I thought I’d share our newborn twin shopping list here in case it can help any expectant twin mums and dads to be. I’ve amended it to show the quantities and items that would have actually been useful from the beginning as we definitely had to go out and do some emergency shopping in those early days! I found it really hard to know just how much we would need of everything and which items would actually be useful.

This list is of the essentials to have prepared before the twins arrive, but other things will become useful as they get older. More toys and cute clothes will find their way into your house soon enough!

Most importantly though, when you have twins on the way – preparation is everything!

And if you’re not sure about quantities, with multiples, more is always more. Never be afraid to buy an extra pack of muslins/vests/babygrows. They WILL get used!

*Quantities noted are totals, not per twin.


Hats x 6
Vests x 18 (I’d suggest getting tiny baby and newborn sizes)
Babygrows x 20 (10 per baby should get you through – the amount of changing they needed in the early days was incredible)
Cardigans x 4
Scratch Mits x 6
Jackets x 2
Bibs x 16


Hooded Baby Bath Towels-100 percent cotton x 4
Padded Changing Mat x 2
Sudocrem x 2
Baby Massage Oil x 1
Baby Bubble Bath x 1
Non Bio Washing Powder for Babies Clothes x 1
Nappy Bin x 1
Nappy Bin Cannisters x 20
Baby Wipe Packs x 15
Pack of Size 1 Nappies x 20


Baby Monitor x 1
Moses Basket x 2 (ours have been very useful and lasted five months)
Cots x 2 (eventually they will need their own cots)
Anti allergy cot mattress x 2
Mattress Savers x 4
Fitted Cot Sheets x 6
Cotton fitted sheets for moses basket x 4
Cotton Cellular Blankets x 4
Sleeping Bags x 4
Wool Blanket x 2
Swaddling Blankets x 6 (we found swaddling great in the early days)
Muslins x 35
Nightlight x 1


Baby Changing Bag x 1
Portable Changing Mat x 1
Water Wipes x 1
Bibs x 4
Pack of Nappy Sacks x 1 (Tescos Value ones are amazing – they last forever)
Small Tube Sudocreme x 1
Baby Carrier x 2
Double Buggy x 1 (you’ll need one that can have carrycots or car seats)
Car Seats x 2

Note: When you’re out, make sure you always have a change of clothes for each twin and spare bibs and muslins!


Baby Seats/Bouncers x 2
Dummies x 6
First Aid Kit with the following:
Ear Thermometer x 1
Liquid Calpol x 1
Nasal Spray x 1
Infacol x 1
Metanium Cream x 1

Hand Steriliser Pumps x 4 (really useful to have around the house)


Breast Pump x 1
Bottles x 16
Steriliser x 1
Bottle Bags x 2
Box of Infant Formula x 1
Nursing Bra x 3
Freezer Bags for Breast Milk x 2

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine – x 1 (this is the BEST thing we’ve had so far!)


Baby Mobile x 2
Baby Gym x 1


Lansinoh Nipple Cream x 1 (if you care about your nipples buy it!)
Box of Breast Pads x 1
Arnica Granules to Take Before, D
During and After Birth x 1
Fennugreek Tablets – x 1
Bio-oil x 1
Maternity knickers x 5
Packs of Maternity Pads x 2
C Section Knickers x 2 (even if you don’t have a C-section these are comfy and keep you from feeling too wobbly)

I’d love to know what your newborn essentials were for your twins. If there’s anything you think I should add or anything you found really useful just leave me a comment below.

Ursula xxx


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  • Reply Victoria Kemble November 4, 2015 at 9:46 pm

    Agree with all the list and had pretty much all of this ready for my twins (now 9 months) – the one thing I’d forgotten and really wanted/needed at the start was sun protection things for the car back windows.

    I found myself having to take them to a few hospital appointments in the early weeks and it was very sunny and was too bright in the car for them. I struggled to get to the shops and ended up covering their faces with muslins until I could get some online!

    • Reply ursulabrunetti November 5, 2015 at 10:10 am

      Hi Victoria! That’s such a good call – we still haven’t bought any but did the same – kept using muslins over the car seats to shelter from the sun – not ideal. Definitely one to add to the list! x

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