How To Create A Start Up With 6 Month Old Twins

August 15, 2016

Twin mums are high achievers right? How can we not be when we bypass the ‘easy’ option of growing just one child in our uterus at any one time? Why not two? It’s so much more efficient. Wham, bam, two at a time, conceive one, get one free. So why not set up a business at the same time as going through one of the most challenging periods of your life?

Anyone who knows me knows I like to throw myself in the deep end so having twins was maybe fate. But aside from the extra child thrown into my womb, there are other things that get given to twin mums along the way.

Having twins makes you ultra focused as a mum. It robs you of your free time, but if there’s an upside to having twins, it’s finding that you have steely determination to impose effective routines, sharp focus so as to remember who needs feeding next and of course, those rare moments where you can double cuddle (although these days it’s more like two crazy people dribbling over me).

It’s not so much a case of those who can have twins, do, but more a case of those who do have twins, can.

So while it may sound like having baby twins is not the ideal time to set up a business, for me it was the perfect opportunity.

Once I had the idea for mumdays there wasn’t anything that could stop me, not even exhaustion.

I think many entrepreneurs will agree when I say that the business becomes your ‘baby’ and if I was able to have twins then I figured that surely one more ‘baby’ couldn’t hurt.

The twins were only six months old when I had my light bulb moment. I was tired and felt estranged from my former self, who used to love catching up with friends and a decent pamper, but motherhood doesn’t give you much time for yourself, in fact each day we have less than 30 minutes.

As more and more mum friends around me confessed to wanting ‘a day off’ or just ‘a break’ or simply a ‘moment’ to themselves, the seed was sewn and before I knew it mumdays was born.

Mumdays is all about creating quality me time experiences for fabulous mums and all the gifts and experiences I’ll be retailing will be approved by my Mum Knows Best panel of influential mummas. So that means guaranteed to please experiences rather than missed gift opportunities that end up in the present drawer (we all have one of those right?).

From combination packages that bring together the best services to give time back to mums (flowers, massage and domestic cleaning anyone?) to one off experiences that give a perfect pick me up (did someone say at home pedicure?) to gifts that keep on giving like regular pamper moments or ongoing cleaning, the focus is about giving time back to mums in whatever form that may take.

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So how to set up a new business when there are babies underfoot?

The twins of course, do take up a lot of my time, and then my part time job as well, and of course my long suffering husband and my vlogging and blogging commitments. But while mumdays is robbing me of my free time just as much as any newborn, it’s also made me feel excited, alive and motivated to do something different and to be the kind of mum I want to be for my children; one that has an idea and sees it through.

My tips for creating a start up when you have a 6 month old, baby twins or even a house full of kids are:

Work on the go, where ever, whenever, God gave us smartphones so we could be entrepreneurial

Use and abuse nap times, nurseries and offers of free help to get stuff done

Stay up late and sacrifice sleep (mums are totally used to this anyway)

Ask for help and support from friends

Keep at it and fake it ’til you make it

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’m still at the beginning of my journey. The site will be launching properly in the autumn, and my to do list is nothing short of enormous before then. But in the meantime please do check it out and sign up to the prelaunch competition to win a mumday worth £200. Good luck and thank you! I’d love your support.


Ursula XX

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