Love Hating Your Body AFTER Pregnancy?

March 31, 2016
post pregnancy body twins post partum after pregnancy

We’ve all heard about the weirdness that happens to your body when you’re pregnant, from huge boobs to the need to wee every five minutes to swollen ankles or veiny hands… the list of body oddities is endless. Spotless skin, luscious hair, pert boobs, it’s almost like everything is going incredibly well until BOOM you get a planet sized bump, a waddle walk and then you have to gamble tearing your lady bits in childbirth.

Unfortunately the body weirdness continues after pregnancy, and it can even feel like you have a completely different body altogether, even months or years down the line.

Getting used to your post pregnancy body can take a long time. It’s like you’ve had to break up with yourself, getting used to the new distribution of skin, boob, tum and bum. It’s hard to accept that you’re a new, more squashy, misshapen version of your former self.

Sadly, despite my best efforts I don’t look anywhere like Abbey Clancy in a bikini after my two bubs. Fair enough she didn’t have twins, but let’s be honest, that kind of body is kind of insane.

We’re all sold a bit of a myth that mums can have it all with their post partum body, but the reality is that your body is never going to feel exactly the same. There will be things you notice that no body else would. There will be times you wonder if you will ever feel sexy again, but it’s important not to forget the incredible part.

I know, it’s a cliche coming up here, but having a baby or twins or more, it is really a miracle that your body is able to do this – MAKE PEOPLE!!!!!! – and any changes that come about because of that are a worthy sacrifice for the privilege and joy of being a mum.

I’m still however, getting to grips with a few unusual changes that my body has gone through since having the twins and have vlogged about it here.

I’d love to know how you’re feeling about your post partum body. Are you in love with your incredible magical power to create babies or are you loathing your tum and longing for your old body?

I’m definitely somewhere between the two.


Lots of love

post partum post baby body after twins pregnancy

Photo by Jutta Klee


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  • Reply Anne-Marie May 4, 2016 at 12:58 pm

    Ha this made me chuckle.

    If you have a c-section, you might be left with a band of numbness. Mine is about an inch wide above my c-section scar. For some women the feeling comes back, for others it remains numb forever. For the most part I don’t care, but sometimes it itches and I can’t feel myself scratching it. That is pretty torturous.

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