Twin Mum Super Powers You Didn’t Know You Had

January 14, 2015

I don’t know about you but the more multiple mums I meet the more I’m convinced that they take things to a whole new level of supermumdom. With two babies to maintain twin mums are born as superheroes as soon as those little foetuses attach to our wombs.

Wonder womb!

No big deal, but I’m creating two human beings, inside my stomach. Yeah, let me have that seat.

Expanding holes

Aha, couldn’t help myself, but twin mums deliver TWO human beings through a teeny, tiny hole. Whether it’s a tiny hole via an incision, or via a tiny hole down below, twin mums have to pass two human beings through it in quick succession. Ouch.

Peeing power

No one can pee more pee than a woman who’s pregnant with twins.

And once the twins are here? The superpowers just keep on revealing themselves!

Multitasking like a freakin’ pro

Rocking one baby in the bouncer with one foot, balancing the other baby on your other leg while feeding it, and managing to read emails at the same time with the other free hand? No problem.

Holding TWO bottles in ONE hand

Feeding two babies using two bottles but only one hand? Twin mums can do this and take a selfie while they’re at it! Yep, I’m bragging. Case in point:


Time Warping! (Achieving the impossible in tiny time slots)

Every micro second of baby peace can yield incredible results when you’re a twin mum. Quick rush round to wash and sterilise 100 Tommee Tippee bottles, folding and putting away the washing, putting a new wash on, wiping round the kitchen and putting away all the toys? All this and more can be done in five minutes or less.

Carrying two babies at a time

Dangerous? Probably? But every twin mum has done this at some point, mostly just to see how burdened they look in the mirror. How is this my life? Is that really my reflection? Hey, check out my biceps!

Doing everything REALLY quickly

You never know how much time you’ve got before entertaining and caring for your twins takes over again. So, twin mums quickly master the art of doing everything at super sonic speed. If you were to watch a twin mum shower, dress, put make up on, clean, tidy and organise everything for the next feed you’d literally think she’d been sped up and fast forwarded.

Tandem feeding

Twin mums that tandem breastfeed have multiple magical powers; patience, perseverance and super strong nipples. Praise be to you complete warriors!

Ultimate calmness

With two babies around you’d forgive a twin mum for being somewhat frazzled, but weirdly, twin mums have the superpower of ultimate calm, enabling them to block out the noise of two screaming babies while they prepare bottles serenely. “This too shall pass” has got to be the universal multiple mum mantra.

The ability to survive on little no sleep

Day or night? It doesn’t matter, when you’re a twin mum you’re permanently wired, ready for anything. Surviving on instinct.




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  • Reply Siobhan October 1, 2015 at 8:44 pm

    I love following your life as a new-twin-mum. I barely coped with my first and I remember firmly stating that if I had 2 I’d have ended up in the priory. I love watching you kick ass!

    • Reply ursulabrunetti October 5, 2015 at 8:21 pm

      Thanks Siobhan – I do what I can! It’s full of challenges though… but guess that’s true for every parenting journey! xxx

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