The One Thing That Can Save Your Home From Baby Chaos

January 19, 2016
bloom and wild review

Being a busy mum to two tiny bubs means the house resembles a car boot sale. No matter how hard I try to whizz around cleaning things up every time there’s a moment’s peace, trying to keep the house tidy when you have twins is essentially completely pointless.

It’s hard to accept that this new chaos of colourful, clashing chairs and playmats and irritating musical toys is now my humble home. The peaceful colour scheme and exact positioning of every ornament and accessory or cushion has been obliterated. That was then, this is now.

I think a lot of mums struggle with the fact that their space is literally invaded with child shaped paraphernalia. Whatever we do to make our homes look like the pages of ACHICA or Elle Decoration, it’s all in vain. No amount of IKEA storage solutions can really cater for real life with twins.

It’s made to feel worse because mums often have to spend SO much time in their homes, and having constant mess can get a girl down. That’s why I like to treat myself to flowers. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I can’t resist posting a bloom or two. They just brighten up your mood and bring life and joy into a previously unloved space.

I recently had the chance to review an incredible new flower delivery service called Bloom & Wild which I discovered through good old fashioned Facebook advertising. (Sometimes the Suggested For You box really does know what it’s talking about). And so I decided to try them out.

These so-called Letterbox Flowers are so easy to receive that you don’t have to sign for them. Flowers that can literally be posted through your letter box? Flowers that look nothing short of spectacular no matter how messy the rest of your house? I was intrigued.

The lovely team at Bloom & Wild sent me some flowers and I was delighted to see a very long, very slim box of blooms waiting on the door mat when I came home with the pram one afternoon.

The novelty of their slim packaging is really quite impressive. And it makes you think why no one was doing this before.

On opening the box I have to say that I didn’t think it looked like the most beautiful bunch of flowers in the world. Most of the flowers were still in the bud stage and the flower heads were protected in plastic mesh to keep them safe in transit. My anticipated box of blooms was actually a box of green stalks.

Once arranged in my vase it did all look a little bit sparse. But the thing with Bloom & Wild is that the flowers literally bloom in your home in the days that follow.

That means your vase of flowers gradually unfurls and reveals beautiful colours and petals. Rather than having a bunch of flowers that are already in bloom and likely to last for just a few days, Bloom & Wild flowers just keep on giving.

The flowers arrive like so.



After three or four days the flowers really do come into their own.



bloom and wild review

I love that the price points are affordable (starting at £20) and that you can gift subscriptions of them. In fact I bought a subscription for my mum for a few months as a result!

I know it’s only a little thing, having flowers in the home, but I swear if you have fresh flowers in your house, no matter how many squeaky giraffes there are on the floor or avocado stains on the cushions, you will feel just that little bit more happy when you look around your home.

I highly recommend them! They can supply the Bloom and my twins can definitely do the Wild.

How do you deal with the chaotic mess of having children? Accept it or do you fight the mess? Would love to know how you feel about your home! Leave me a comment below.

Lots of love

bloom and wild review


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  • Reply Emmaplusthree January 19, 2016 at 4:07 pm

    Love the flowers through the letter box idea! I tend to go through phases of trying to fight the mess/just accepting it. Sometimes it’s easier and less stressful to just let it go x

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