Weaning Tips For Twins

March 17, 2016

Weaning twins is a whole lot of fun! I’ve decided to share some of my twin weaning twips (is that a word?) in my latest vlog.

I’ve learnt quite a lot about vlogging with twins lately too…if you’re wondering “how does she manage to vlog with twins?”.. answer is that I basically take about 2 weeks to get one video filmed because I have to film it about 3 times because babies always cry or have a meltdown mid vlog… then I have a cry because it’s so hard to just do a 3 minute video and I wonder how life got so complicated.

Here is the result of many messy meals, a load of dettol wipes, a broken tomato sauce bottle that smashed mid filming *didn’t make the final cut*, many twin meltdowns, dirty nappies and silent weeping mummy¬†moments.

Blood, sweat and tears went into this video. Hope you enjoy! Or at least learn a little on how to mix things up with weaning twinnies!


What are your top weaning tips?


Lots of love


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