10 Products That All Mums Should Be Sponsored By

October 23, 2015

Mums have many secret weapons but some products are more precious than others. Can you imagine life without wet wipes? Dry shampoo? Chocolate? Me either.

Forget the new baby boxes that exist in Finland, if the UK were to have their own version it should be stocked with the following mummy must-haves…

Dry Shampoo

Who has time to wash their hair? Not me. With a thousand other more pressing things to attend to a can of dry shampoo is a mum’s best friend. Actually lathering my hair with wet shampoo? So old school.

On the downside, my hair now looks permanently grey.

Wet Wipes (Water wipes)

Before the twins I was never one to use a wipe, not even a makeup wipe. Even cleaning the house involved a good old fashioned jay cloth and Detol spray, but now? Water wipes are my life. Wiping up sick, cleaning bottoms, taking off makeup, cleaning crumbs off the table, getting rid of baby oil smears on furniture, ‘washing’ hands – their uses are endless.


I was lucky enough to collect a LOT of perfume samples from my job as Editor at Sofeminine, and now I have the perfect use for all of them… I may not have time to shower but I do have time to spritz.

Tommee Tippee everything

Everything I have from my bottles to my nail clippers and steriliser, is Tommee Tippee. Aside from my twins, Tommee Tippee is the most important person in the house; he’s practical, he always thinks of how to make life easier and he’s always there for me no matter what (in all shapes and forms) and is way more reliable than any man I’ve ever met. I love him.


Come on Pampers. When are you going to let my children be the face of your brand and give me a lifetime supply? With twins I’m getting through SO many nappies that I literally empty the nappy bin a couple of times a day.


The food of salvation. Preferably Cadburys or Lindt with Seasalt. When will mums be able to get it for free???

Tea bags (for cold tea)

No one gets through tea bags quite like a mum, who never has time to drink her tea and so ends up using at least three times as many bags (we’re an optimistic bunch).

Who needs hot tea anyway, when you can have it Luke warm with a nice skin starting to form on it? Really, mums should reclaim and rebrand cold tea – it’s not quite iced but it’s not hot either… Cool T. How about that? Sounds more appealing already right?


Always there with new pics to lust over and heart. Even when you’re alone in the middle of the night with a baby that demands yet another feed. With Insta, you’re never lonely. I mean, I’m always there at least. (Follow me at ursula.rose.twins)


Even at Halloween I wouldn’t inflict the unconcealed me on the world. Mums know that dark circles are only as dark as we let them appear. Smother that undereye section with a nice bit of concealer and there you go – zombie to human once more!

Play Gym

It’s safe. It’s comfortable. It’s full of distractions. And it’s a life saver. Simply put baby down. Turn on the music button and retreat to the nearest soft surface to drink your Cool T and much through your chocolate. Bliss.




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  • Reply sharon martin October 23, 2015 at 9:49 am

    I’m totally with you lol xx Especially the wet wipes, I hardly ever use the spray and cloth now its so much quicker and easier to use the wipes.

  • Reply Erin - Yorkshire Tots October 23, 2015 at 8:58 am

    haha.. yes to all of those! I am now a wet wipe addict!

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