I have my own channel on YouTube which is where I will be talking about life with twins but also other things related to the things which make me tick; writing, beauty, mumpreneurs and women that inspire me.

I’m also proud to be a sponsored vlogger for parent dedicated YouTube channel, Channel Mum, they’re doing great things to get honest conversations going between mummies and they’re also where I started vlogging first of all – in fact I started vlogging for them when the twins were just 6 weeks old.

My videos for Channel Mum are a chance to talk about what being a multiple mummy is really like.

To be honest, my life was totally turned upside-down when I became a mum to my boy/girl twins. One moment I was planning my dream wedding and working as the Editor of a female lifestyle site and the next I was going for ultrasounds every five minutes and looking for a wedding dress that could accommodate a twin baby bump!

My YouTube videos are where I will be sharing the joys and challenges of twin parenthood and doing my best to give tips and tricks to help other multiple (and singleton) mummies. I always try to find the positive parts of parenting – looking on the bright side helps get me through the hard times!

If there’s ever anything you’d like me to vlog or blog about just leave me a comment or send me a message via the Contact Me page.

My Channel can be found on YouTube here.

Watch me on YouTube via my Channel Mum Playlist.

Follow me on Instagram www.instagram.con/ursula.rose.twins too for more updates!


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